Citrus Greening Poses Threat To Florida Beekeepers

Keith Councell is the president of Florida’s Beekeepers Association.He said massive bee kills shouldn’t be happening—but small scale accidents are likely while there’s still frequent spraying.

“We are losing bees faster than we can replace them,” he said. “So, if we have to move our bees away from the citrus groves so they can correct this problem, that’s what we are going to do.”


Landscapers attacked by thousands of bees

B. Keith Councell, President, Florida State Beekeepers Association, however, said: "Definitely not Africanized bees. These bees were very timid."

Councell deals with bees 365 days a year, and says it's always bee season in Florida. Still, he will send the bees to be DNA-tested by the state to see if they are Africanized bees.

Councell said incidents like this can be prevented, and advises looking around homes for bees at least once a month.

If you see them - call an expert to have it taken care of.

All of the landscaping workers are fine, and they were treated by EMS at the scene.


Large Honey Spill Attracts hundreds of thousands of Bees in North Fort Myers

Edison and Ford Estates bee expert Keith Councell says he's been busy responding to calls of cars covered in bees.

“There's people that've been trapped in vehicles or can't get back in their vehicles at a parking lot for all the bees,” said Councell.

Councell says bees can smell something sweet up to five miles away.


Southwest Florida Swarming Season

Lee County beekeeper Keith Councell took us along a bee removal in Cape Coral on Wednesday.  He removed 30,000 bees from a tree at a home on Shoreview Drive.
"They've basically been starving, and now, they're all excited because Spring is here and nectar is out there for them to grab," said Councell.

Bees Buzzing Everywhere

Depending on a meter’s size, there could be 30,000-40,000 bees inside and up to 60,000 for large junction boxes, said Keith Councell, of Councell Farms Professional Bee Removal. Councell, who teaches at University of Florida’s Bee College and removes bees for Lee County, did about 5,000 removals last year from meters, trees and homes, but only used his bee jacket and veil 10 times.

He warned at least one study shows spraying meters with chemicals can infiltrate the water system.


Bee Population Increasing

Many people think of bees as a nuisance.  But the small, hardworking insects actually make it possible for many of your favorite foods to reach your table.
In Florida, bees pollinate some of our biggest crops.  But just seven years ago, there was a colony collapse.  Since then, beekeepers have been working hard to get that population back up.
We learned it's slowly getting better and there are ways you can help.
It's a common misconception -- all the buzzing bees work on is producing honey.  But they do so much more.

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